Ispoli’s historic cellar

The first officially documented traces of Fattoria Ispoli take us to the year 1580. A document belonging to this year lies in the Central Historical Archive of the City of Florence. It states that Niccolo Machiavelli’s family, known to us all through history as the “The Prince”, was the owner of the property. The name “Ispoli” presumably traces its roots back to the name “Ippolita”, a grand daughter of the famous philosopher and historian. It is possible to travel even further back in time by descending the staircase of what is today our barrique cellar. This is built on the foundations of what was once a watch tower to the village of Mercatale, built in 1237 as a marketplace to the Montecampolesi castle.

In the maps of the „Capitani di parte Guelfa“ dating to 1580 the buildings of Ispoli are actually sketched out in a map and resemble very much the building as is visible today. It then belonged to Ippolita Machiavelli a grand daughter to the great historian and philosopher Niccolo´notable to have written among his many works „The Prince“. The Machiavelli family later passed on the property through their heirs to the Serristori family that owned Ispoli until 1977 when it was then sold to the Pisani-Landini family until finally bought by the Mattheis family in 1988.

The farm was sharecropped until 1977. Electricity and running water were only implemented in 1972 and just goes to show how primitive life has been on the premises until rather relatively recent times. It is interesting to point out that Ispoli has been farmed exclusively with organic techniques long before the current certification was available and so it is fair to say that our environment is certainly free from any chemical contaminant.